Dec 7, 2008

Japanese time and miniature editing

I've just seen a news. A captain of ANA(Japanese airline) drunk too much than the rule last night, so the company didn't allow him to fly today.
The airline was late because they should look for another pilot. It was the news.
But the delay was only 5 minutes!!!!!
Is it news??? I don't think so...

I often notice that Japanese people are too nervous about time.
If the train comes late by only two minutes, they announce the delay and apologize for passengers.
It's Japan.
I traveled a lot in Italy. I often met long time delay train. I had to wait for 6 hours max. If the train came 5 minutes late, I thought it's on time.

I want to think time like Italian people.

The pictures are what I took in Italy. I edited them to look like miniatures.
The top picture is a sea of Sorrento.

And this is a town of Perugia. There are lots of old buildings.

And this is from a tower in Asti. After I went downstairs, I drank delicious spmante!

I like this editing method very much.


Anonymous said...

woah....its sooo pretty, those red roofs and blue sky.
we here always delay stuff. if they said the party would begin at 8, it would turn out to be 8:30.(>.<)

[cant help but say something here, i love ur handmade stuff so much^^]


Lin said...

I love the pictures, so nice and bright.

danni_meringue said...

wow i love these pictures, i saw a film the other day where it was shot to look like these.

Good work!

danni x

mairuru said...

Thank you everyone!
When I was in Italy, I was taking more than 100 pictures a day. The scenes are really different from Japanese, so the pictures are my treasures.

Anonymous said...

I'm going through your site checking older posts.
Love the photos of Italy.
Thanks for bringing me some enjoyment through your site.
Good weekend to you Mai and your boyfriend.
What's his name ?
Sorry for being a busybody ;>)
Your internet friend, Mena.

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